"A graphic designer, illustrator, editor as well as pinstriper, Empire32 has been very busy from Strasbourg, France, since the original appearence in Pinstripe Planet 1. Multitasking his way in the world of kustom, he somehow manages to be the editor and designer of PowerGlide magazine (http://www.powerglidemag.com/), the graphic designer of Rise Tattoo magazine and to illustrate and design for King Kerosin Kustom Wear (http://www.timeless24.com/). Empire32 established his graphic design practice and pinstripe workshop after attending the prestigious ESAD (Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs) in Strasbourg. In addition to cars, motorcycles and bikes, Empire32 stripes skate decks, guitars, double basses, ukuleles and toolboxes, to name a few. He is also increasingly doing panel art, mixing skull and crossbones motifs with pinstripng. Empire32 mostly shows in Europe, at regular rock'n'roll weekenders in France, Germany and Switzerland."
From Pinstripe Planet II, by Herb Martinez, Korero Books (http://www.korerobooks.co.uk/)

Check out also "Kustom Graphics" at http://www.korerobooks.co.uk/ for more Empire32 artworks.

empire32 by Lorryson Works